Pensioners are worst hit by fuel subsidy removal – NUP



Pensioners are worst-hit by galloping inflation that had set in after fuel subsidy removal, the Nigeria Union of Pensioners declared on Sunday in Abuja.

Head of its information unit, Mr Bunmi Ogunkolade, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that meagre pensions paid to retired persons had sent the cost of goods and services out of their reach.

“Pensioners go to the same markets as others; they are also a special breed because most of them are on regular drug regimens for age-related ailments.

“They are prone to high blood pressure, diabetes and other old age sicknesses. That is why we are always appealing to governments to take care of these special people.

“We want governments to always put pensioners into consideration whenever they are planning welfare programmes for workers.

“We want government to double payable pensions and provide free medical care for pensioners,’’ he said.

Ogunkolade also noted that Federal Government’s proposed palliatives to states to cushion the effect of the removal of fuel subsidy were temporary.

“What government is giving is temporary solution; palliatives for pensioners should be provided until the end of their lives.

“We want government to be explicit on what it would do to sustain pensioners beyond palliatives that are temporary.

It should also ensure that all pensioners receive living minimum pensions,’’ Ogunkolade told NAN.


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