African Israeli Stage presents Wole Soyinka’s ‘The Road’ at National Arts Theatre



African Israeli Stage in partnership with the National Arts Theatre on Sunday in Lagos presented Wole Soyinka’s play titled “The Road”.

Originally published in 1965, ‘The Road’  by Wole Soyinka is a play about a day in the strange life of a group of drivers on a Nigerian road.

The eight-man theatre group according to the Founder and Director, Yaffa Schuster, portrays plays focusing on contemporary and classical creations of African playwrights and authors.

“African Israeli Stage also focuses on plays portraying the experience of black immigrants, migrant workers and refugees in Israel.

“Theatre productions  reflect our reality and our society where we have to struggle to exist and continue creating. At the same time our productions are universal.

“They enable us to dare to dream about change for all people and fight against oppression and racism in order to create a just society,” she said.

The General Manager, National Arts Theatre, Prof. Sunday Ododo, also said that the play titled, “The Road”, is a metaphor likened to the lifetime of a person.

Ododo further noted that the popular saying of “may your road be rough” simply explains how the road signifies a person’s life during which several experiences occur.

He commended the troupe for deeming it fit to partner with the National Theatre on showcasing the play, adding that the gesture will help promote patronage of stage plays in the country.

Segun Adefila, the Artistic Director, Crown Troupe, also one of the partners with African Israeli Stage commended the troupe, saying that their act would encourage people to read more plays.

“It is interesting that they chose one of the most difficult plays written by Wole Soyinka, not many people have seen that play before because people run away from it.

“I also read the book because I know some people wanted to partner with us on the project. It is an intense play with a lot of depth, and that the African Israeli Stage were able to give it their own translation and interpretation is a huge achievement,” he said.

Adefila said he was intrigued on the choice of play by the troupe, noting that it identifies all the ills of the society which are also general issues and challenges all around the world.

The African Israeli Stage actors are Adisalem Alamo, Alemwork Ayele, Elad Konfino, Getachew Hunegnaw, Mahmoud Mora, Michael Edis and Yahel Pappo, while the technical director is Gili Godiano.


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