NGO canvasses fitness exercise to curb cardiovascular diseases



President, Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation of Nigeria (ABBFN), Soye Elekima has called on Nigerians to engage more in physical fitness training  to   prevent cardiovascular and other non-communicable diseases.

Elekima stated this on Monday in Abuja at a news conference to unveil the 2023 `Shape Up Nigeria30x30 Fitness Challenge’ (NFC) project.

He explained that the project was meant to sensitise Nigerians to undertake 30 minutes of continuous exercise per day for 30 days in October, to  boost a healthy lifestyle.

Elekima said that there is  a need for Nigerians to embrace physical activity  as a way of life in order to stay healthy and prevent so many illnesses.

“Many studies have proven beyond doubt that lack of physical activity/exercise is one of the main risk factors for major diseases responsible for high levels of morbidity.

“Physical fitness training and appropriate healthy diet could make significant difference,  to prevent the burden of cardiovascular, diabetes and other diseases,’’ he said.

The ABBFN president said the `fitness challenge’ project is designed to sensitise and educate Nigerians on the benefits of staying fit and imbibing exercise as a way of life.

“The Nigeria Fitness Challenge (NFC) will be a month-long initiative designed to transform Nigeria into having some of the cities becoming more active in the world.

“It is all about motivating and involving residents of Nigeria to undertake 30 minutes of continuous exercise per day for 30 days to boost a healthy lifestyle.

“The NFC which starts on October  1 to 30 begins with an Independence Day patriotic exercise, workout session to experience the freedom and flexibility that determines our strength.

“It will include over 1,000 fitness classes, 250 fitness hubs and 36 fitness villages all over Nigeria,’’ he said.

Elekima is also the representative of the International Federation of Fitness and BodyBuilding (IFBB) in Nigeria.

He said that plans have been concluded for President Bola Tinubu and Gov. Douye Diri of Bayelsa,  to kick off the `Independence Day Exercise Patriotic Workout Session’ on Oct. 1.

He said   that Diri will soon be unveiled as the face of NFC following his contributions to sponsor the Fitness Day bill during the 9th Assembly as a House of Representative member and Senator.

He is presently with an executive bill to make fitness a law in Bayelsa.

Elekima urged Nigerians, State governments, institutions and organisations to register and participate in the project as a way of developing a healthier nation.


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