Centre urges Nigerians to ensure routine test against cancer


Calabar, Cross Rivers.

ASI Ukpo Comprehensive Cancer Health Centre, Calabar, has raised concern that cancer is becoming an epidemic in the nation and urged women to go on routine test and self-examination against the scourge.

Dr Kanu Ekpo, a medical officer with the centre made this known on Wednesday during a Medical Outreach and Cancer Awareness Campaign with the women’s wing of Nigeria Union of Pensioners, Calabar Chapter.

Ekpo said the enlightenment for breast and cervical cancers had become very expedient, adding that on weekly, the centre diagnoses at least four cases of cancer.

According to him, women between the ages of 9 and 45 and those who are still sexually active after 45 must start taking preventive measures against cervical and breast cancers which are the most common among women.

“Cancer is becoming an epidemic, so, as a woman, routine self-breast examination is key while getting a Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), vaccination is a key preventive measure against cervical cancer.

“We also advice women between the ages of 9 and 45 and those still sexually active after 45 to go for a pap smear which will check for abnormalities in the cells of the cervix.

“There is also the Immuno Globulin G, (IgG) test, for the human papilloma virus and all these services are rendered in Asi Ukpo Comprehensive Cancer Centre to enhance prevention,” he said.

While noting that prevention is key and cheap, Ekpo advised women to avoid multiple sexual partners, hormonal contraceptives, alcohol, and smoking.

He also urged women to vaccinate against HPV.

He added that cancer is treatable if discovered early and reported to cancer centres like Asi Ukpo Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

On her part, Mrs Mary Koofrey, Chairperson of NUP, Women’s Wing, thanked the centre for educating her members, adding that cancer is a dreaded disease that could consume a family’s finance and joy.

“We had to approach Asi Ukpo since they were planning a cancer awareness week to come and educate us and carryout some screening on our members and they obliged.

“There are people who still think cancer is caused by evil spirits but when they come out and meet with experts like the ones that talked to us today from Asi Ukpo Cancer Centre, they will be enlightened,” she said.

Similarly, Mrs Otang Isien, a retired Chief Matron with NUP,  said when she was in service contracting cancer was hopeless and a death sentence but centres like Asi Ukpo are now bridging the gap.

She said for God to prolong her life to the time when remedies and treatments for cancer could be carried out to prolong the lives of patients, she was grateful.

Abuja365 reports that the centre also carried out various free screenings on the retirees.


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