Committee engages Sokoto communities on reorientation, religious tolerance



A Community Dialogue Committee (CDC), supported by Global Rights, an NGO, had initiated dialogue among communities and religious organizations to enhance mutual understanding, relationships and religious tolerance in Sokoto State.

In his address at a peace dialogue in commemoration of International Peace Day on Friday, the CDC Patron, Alhaji Sani Umar-Jabbi, said the initiative was to showcase the importance of collective dialogue and understanding in the society.

Umar-Jabbi, who is also the District Head of Gagi in Sokoto South Local Government urged governments and institutions to intensify efforts on educating youths and community groups on societal values, tolerance, empathy and respect for diversity.

He said tha such efforts would facilitate viable ways of empowering them to become the peacemakers and contribute to national development.

The patron urged people to always  frown at segregating and discriminating others, while advocating equal opportunities and respect for the rights of one another.

He enjoined the media to commit to the messages of peace while ensuring programmes aimed at arousing the urge for peaceful coexistence and mutual harmony.

Umar-Jabbi said that to ensure peace in the societies, all hands must be on deck to bridge the divides separation cutting across religious, cultural, political, economic and other factors.

According to him, this year’s commemoration day with theme, ” Actions for peace, our ambition for the global goals”, CDC had chosen Gagi community, having diverse ethnic groups practising different forms of religions, but living in peace and harmony.

The renowned traditional ruler  commended the Kukah Centre for Peace and Development and Global Rights on thier supports to the CDC for achieving successes.

Umar-Jabbi assured robust partnerships with the two NGOs on working to promote peace, religious tolerance and justice in the society.

” Through dialogue and cooperation, a common ground could be found to build a more inclusive and just world as education played pivotal role in the quest for a peaceful society.

” We must address the root causes of conflict such as poverty, inequality and injustice, in order to work towards economic and social equity which will reduce the likelihood of conflict and strengthen the foundations of lasting peace. ” he said.

A participant, Dr Mathew Ayuba, said that man by nature sought the path of religion to connect with his Creator with a view to finding solution and guidance for all  his quests and desires.

Ayuba said: ” It is the light of this that multi religious paths are seen in every society,  some religions claim to be an inheritance from ancestral lineage giving rise to different cultural believes and traditional religious practices while on the other hand some hold claim to be revelations.

” Religious tolerance is the forbearance and the permission given by the adherents of a particular religion for other religions to exist, even though it looks inferior, mistaken, or harmful.

 ” Each of these religious followers claim they have gotten the right way and try to convert others to follow their path.”

He added that each of these religious persuasions had sets of belief systems that hinged on values and practices.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the participants were drawn from different religions, ethnics backgrounds and shared various thoughts with the common goal of achieving peaceful coexistence and harmonious relationships among them.


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