Oyedepo advises universities on more research to solve society’s problems


Sango-Ota, Ogun.

The Chancellor of Covenant University in Ota, Dr David Oyedepo, has advised Nigerian universities to strive to embark on more research in order to solve society’s problems.

Oyedepo on Friday in Ota said that there was the need for universities to continue to engage in more gainful research.

He said this was what would bring about food sufficiency, healthcare delivery, improved practice in agriculture and shelter for all.

“Every problem, I have discovered, has a solution. But without a problem-solver, such problem becomes insurmountable.

“As long as we remain regimented, we will continue to be relegated,” Oyedepo said.

The Chancellor described university as a place where solutions to society’s problems are found, and value added to humanity.

He identified some of society’s problems to include food needs, farming, healthcare, shelter, child delivery and care, among others.

“Manpower is the most intelligent creature of all God’s creations, but our society has not succeeded in finding solutions to its problems yet because it is not ready to take responsibility,” Oyedepo added.


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