Google commemorates world teachers’ day with special doodle



Search engine giant, Google, recognising the role of teachers in encouraging innovation, is celebrating World Teachers’ Day 2023 with a doodle.

This year, Google has marked the occasion with a special Google Doodle to celebrate the work and role of teachers across the globe.

World Teachers’ Day, otherwise known as International Teachers’ Day, is an annual event held on October 5.

The theme of 2023 World Teachers’ Day is “The teachers we need for the education we want”.

Google on its webpage stated: “Happy World Teachers’ Day 2023! Today’s Doodle honours educators across the world who nurture students to become the best version of themselves.”

“To educators: Thank you for all that you do to help your students grow by instilling a love for learning.”

The doodle animation has the letters that spell out “Google” shown as leaves reading books, getting watered by the sun (spelt as the letter O) against a notebook backdrop.

October 5 is a day to celebrate how teachers are transforming the education system and to reflect on the support they need to fully deploy their knowledge and vocational skills.

Policymakers and experts around the globe also use this day as an opportunity to identify and resolve issues involving the teaching profession.

Several schools around the world sometimes organise special programmes to celebrate teachers or even organise relaxing days for them. 


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