Police foil masked children’s plan to rob German station kiosk with toy gun


Hamburg, Germany.

Two masked children armed with a toy shotgun planned to rob a kiosk at a train station in a small city in north-east Germany, but were thwarted by police.

The two boys, aged 10 and 14, were spotted by passers-by at the station in Neubrandenburg on Thursday.

When police arrived with lights flashing, the boys quickly took off their masks and sat down on a bench in hopes of looking inconspicuous, according to police.

But when police officers questioned the kids, the children admitted that the 10-year-old boy had wanted to rob the station kiosk and persuaded his older friend to join in, according to police.

During a search of the two, officers said they found a toy gun and a knife.

The children were taken to the police station, where they were picked up by their guardians, police said.


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