Students commend teachers, urge parents to always appreciate them



Some students of the Holy Family School, Lagos on Friday commended teachers for their  role in child development, describing them as ‘life seasoners’.

The children spoke at the end of the commemoration of the 2023.

According to them, teachers are like seasoning that add value to the lives of children at various stages of their academic life by the duties they perform in the classrooms.

Esther Orji, an SS3 Student of the school, said that cooking soup without seasoning was the same as children growing up and existing without teachers.

“Teachers are seasoning in our lives, they add value to our existence, to our success and progress; without them, our lives will be hopeless.

“Their roles in our lives from kindergarten through other stages of our academic lives cannot be over-emphasised and we cannot appreciate them enough.

“Although not all teachers are good on the job, but they are necessary devils that we cannot exist without them,” she said.

Also, Martins Olabode, an SS2 Student, said that teachers are intellectual boosters, builders and formators, adding that they deserved to be celebrated always.

“Teachers are responsible for building our academic, professional and intellectual future; they are our life directors, channeling us to attain our career goal.

“We should all endeavour to maintain active communication with our teachers, because whether they are good or bad, they have affected our lives in one way or the other,” Olabode said.

Another SS3 student, Miss Favour Ekenze, believed teachers assist children to face their lives and build a future.

“Their task is not an easy one at all, they pave the way for our success in the future in spite of all the challenges,” she said.

Meanwhile, Wisdom Ukaegbu, an SS1 Student, described teachers as guardians after the parents, saying that they spend considerable active time with the teachers in school.

“ Our teachers are guardians, sometimes they even play the role of our parents during school hours. They direct our life, help us build our future,” he said.

Stephanie Patrick, another Student, said: “teachers are our second priority; without them, I don’t know how our lives would have been.”

She said that parents should always appreciate them, because they make their jobs of parenting easier.

Patrick referred to them as, ‘assets’.

David Okesola, a Student, who was made to handle the baby class, said teachers are wonderful creatures with exceptional patience.

“When I got into the class, my God! I felt like running out because these children bothered me so much with unnecessary complaints and questions.

“It’s a big task to handle children, I give kudos to our teachers, the short time I spent with them was wonderful but I realised that it’s all about passion,” he said.

The senior students were made to teach various classes in the school, while the teachers became students in the classroom.


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