National development, a generational endeavour, Catholic Priest tells Nigerians


New York, USA.

A Canadian-based Nigerian Priest, Rev. Fr. Patrick Ampani says national development is a generational endeavour, urging every Nigerian to do his part to support the efforts of the Federal Government.

Ampani, who spoke on the sidelines of the 63rd Independence Anniversary, in New York said it should be a collective effort to develop the country.

According to him, every generation engages in collective cooperation and collaboration in nation building and that everyone should get involved in contributing to the socioeconomic development of the nation.

Ampani said, “This is critically important because much of the future of Nigeria will depend upon our individual and collective selfless commitment to nation building and stability.

“However, one of the key factors inhibiting progress in a country like Nigeria is when citizens underestimate the effect of their individual efforts to bring about the change we all desire.

“Ideally, we are drawing the change we desire from the practices of the previous generations, building upon their success and challenges which serve as for us today.

“Imperatively, we too leave a valuable footprint to posterity in their quest to building a prosperous nation for their children and grandchildren.’’

He, however, appealled to well-meaning Nigerians at home and abroad to develop a way of giving back to the society.

Ampani, who is a Chaplain with the Canadian Armed Forces said that he had been contributing his own quota by supporting the less privileged in Nigeria, especially by supporting their education.

“I am taking a lead in rebuilding the community primary school in my village, Gidan- Bako, Ikulu ward in Zangon-Kataf Local Government area of Kaduna state.

“This primary school is the only government presence among my people.

“All the hopes for education of children from my village stems from this school however, the school structure is in a dilapidated condition, a collapsed structure unsuitable learning environment with no furniture.

“The dilapidated condition of the school serves as a threat in recreating the future of my community, and the psychological effect on the mind of the pupils is huge.

“Hence, it gives a very negative impression about the government and the society they live,’’ he said.

According to Ampani, this negatively impacts their learning abilities and thwarts their chances of succeeding in life and as such, I’m inspired to embark on this project of rebuilding the school structure for the good of the community.

He said that there were spectrums of possibilities embedded in a school project like this one, adding that one of the hopes for the project is to increase literacy rate.

The priest also said the project would improve the quality of education of children, which by extension facilitates the national growth and development.

“As a citizen, I have a responsibility of contributing to the society and supporting the efforts of the government in my own little way.

“The government might not be able to provide for the needs of all its citizens. However, I see the need to make a difference that will benefit the people and the government as well.

“Also, as a Catholic priest, I have the moral obligation to inspire growth and success in the life of others. This is one of the ways to effect the change we all need in society,’ he said.

Ampani further said that rebuilding educational facilities for children was obviously a door opener for new possibilities for children and a better future for the community and society at large.

“I will succeed in rebuilding the community school, and raising awareness on the significance of education, the pathway to overcoming poverty and enhancement for better life,’’ he said.

Ampani, however, called for the support of well-meaning Nigerians at home and abroad to support his efforts, noting that he is a priest and that he doesn’t have the resources to rebuild the school.

He added, “The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, lies in its support to each other according to Mario Puzo, and as such, I need the people to align with me on this vision and mission of recreating a future for a people.

“I will appreciate the intervention of both the Local government and state government leadership to step up and support me and perhaps to inspire others in other communities to bring about initiative that would benefit the people.

“Also, to support my effort to achieving this goal by providing financial resources, and or donate materials to facilitate the building project and to furnish the classrooms to make it suitable for learning.”


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